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> Environmental Sector 3.0

Climate disruption and mass species extinction are full-blown crises. The environmental movement, however, has hit a ceiling in mobilizing social change in response. This concept paper makes a case for a transformative initiative that can boost the individual and collective performance of environmental nonprofits.

> Best Practices -- Fact or Myth?

Nonprofit leaders face a wide array of assumptions and conventions about organizational management. But are so-called "best practices" really effective? New Public Interest Management Group research casts doubt on many widely-held conventions and suggests a model of successful nonprofit management.

Anatomy of the Nonprofit Business Model

What drives (and hinders) an organization's success in achieving impact and financial strength? A healthy business model is essential. We provide a detailed overview of the concept, dissect the components of the nonprofit business model and identify strategies for organizational sustainability and performance.

> Evaluating the Evaluator: Unpacking Charity Navigator's Rating System

Charity Navigator offers evaluation of nonprofits' management and effectiveness. We summarize the organization's rating process and critique its evaluation methodology.

Emerging Nonprofit Partnership Models: Two Alternatives to Traditional Merger

Strategic partnerships are evolving in the nonprofit sector. This paper outlines two creative alternatives nonprofits may consider to enhance their impact and sustainability.

> The Four Types of Nonprofits

Nonprofits are often viewed as either a unified whole or artificially designed micro-sectors. Both approaches have drawbacks, which can lead to misunderstandings about best practices. PIMG offers a practical new approach that can help frame meaningful analysis by managers, funders, researchers and consultants.

Gauging Nonprofit Success: Past Research, Present Gaps, Future Needs

This article explores research and literature on organizational effectiveness, as well as gaps in our understanding of what makes organizations work.