Strategic & Business Planning

Sound strategy can transform a good nonprofit into a great one. It will enable you to deepen your mission impact, while securing long-term financial health. It helps ensure you will have a healthy and sustainable business model. Our planning process will help you make informed decisions and win the confidence of your supporters. If you aim to grow, execute a turnaround, re-structure your organization or adapt to a changing environment, this page is for you.


Public Interest Management Group and PIM Canada have a distinctive approach to strategic planning. Here's how we're different:

  • We use hard data. Business model analysis, financial modeling and market research will ensure that your strategy rests on solid footing.

  • PIM plans aren't vague or theoretical. Your plan will address your competitive advantage, capacity needs, organizational structure and staffing requirements. It will include solid financial projections, a set of performance metrics and a tangible framework for implementation.

  • Our planning process is informed by hands-on experience leading organizational growth and turnarounds, as well as applied research on success factors for nonprofits.

  • Finally, we’ll build your plan to adapt and change as circumstances evolve. Your plan will stay current and relevant, helping your organization build resilience

Explore the PIMG's  approach  to strategy development.

Explore the PIMG's approach to strategy development.

Business planning is a focused approach to organizational strategy, with more attention to market and operational details. It can be especially useful for new ventures, growth and making high-level goals operational. Powerful business plans can support your case for funding. We work with senior management to craft plans that will align stakeholders with your vision and the means for achieving it.

Download our Strategic and Business Planning brochure for more detail. Need financial analysis or projections, but not a full-blown plan? See an overview of PIM's Financial Analysis and Modeling services.

Through any of these paths, your strategy will enable you to clearly demonstrate your value proposition and pathway to success. Your organization will get a lot from your investment in the planning process, including confidence of your staff, board and funders.

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PIMG successfully navigated us through this new world of financial forecasting with attention to detail, a collaborative spirit, and a real sense of interest in our organization and its success.
— Jessica, Greenbelt Land Trust