High-Performance Organizations

Organizational Assessment for Nonprofits

What are your organization's strengths and weaknesses, and what's your optimal strategy to improve performance looking forward? Public Interest Management Group has innovative, proven assessment methodologies that clarify pathways to organizational success.

360 Organizational Assessment

Using our data-based Success Factor Analysis process, the 360 Assessment is a holistic look at your organization's strategies, culture, operations, external orientation and revenue structure. We generate data on a wide range of characteristics through interviews, surveys and financial analysis, and deliver a customized report, including your Organizational Success Index and a comprehensive scorecard that shows where you stand relative to peer nonprofits. The 360 is ideal for nonprofit networks seeking collective impact, organizations preparing for strategic planning, or nonprofits engaged in change management. See an overview of our Cohort Organizational Assessment package here.

Business Model Assessment

The Business Model Assessment also draws on our Success Factor Analysis methodology, with a deep dive into the drivers of your nonprofit's business model. We use hard data to uncover strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to solidify your financial foundation. The process incorporates analysis into a customized report that delivers peer comparisons and best-fit strategies for your path forward. This assessment is ideal for nonprofits facing growth opportunities, restructuring or financial turnaround situations.

Performance Management Audit

Every nonprofit has operational functions that support the delivery of programs and services. These are underrated keys to success. When an organization is experiencing growth or change, operational capacity can be a limiting factor. Just as a financial audit examines an organization's financial status and practices, the Performance Management Audit is a thorough, high-level review of a nonprofit's operational machinery. We'll analyze your HR practices, administrative and service delivery procedures, data management systems and performance measurement methods. A detailed report will include findings, recommendations and a performance management dashboard. Follow-up consultation at three- and six-month intervals is included. Download our Performance Management Audit brochure here.

Each of these services are offered for affordable fixed fees, and can dovetail with strategic planning or restructuring consultation:

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PIMG’s work with NILC resulted in a detailed blueprint for growth and higher impact, equipping us to move boldly in this very challenging and demanding environment.
— Sara, Board Chair, National Immigration Law Center