Financial Turnaround

Public Interest Management Group has a systematic approach to guiding successful financial turnarounds of nonprofits.

If your organization finds itself in financially challenging circumstances, you need four things:

  1. Diagnosis of the underlying problem

  2. Formulation of a turnaround strategy

  3. Identification of a Transition Team for the turnaround

  4. Implementation of the strategy.

Each step is crucial. PIMG brings deep experience and a track record of success.

Diagnosis involves understanding the dynamics and weaknesses of the organization’s business model. Our analysis goes far beyond conventional accounting-based or fundraising-focused analyses and avoids common pitfalls.

Turnaround strategy involves addressing underlying causes (as opposed to treating the symptoms). This may involve restructuring, re-calibrating operations, re-tooling fund development and/or re-establishing the organization’s value proposition to supporters. Our holistic approach draws on financial, operational and organizational development expertise.  A turnaround strategy includes an implementation plan and identification of a Transition Team. 

PIMG can lead project management through strategy implementation or serve in an advisory role during the process.  We will update your plan at six-month intervals to ensure the organization stays on track.

Note that we serve clients all over the U.S. and can work locally and/or remotely with your team. 

Interested in enhancing your organization's performance? Contact us to start a dialogue. 


PIMG’s work with NILC resulted in a detailed blueprint for growth and higher impact, equipping us to move boldly in this very challenging and demanding environment.
— Sara, Board Chair, National Immigration Law Center