Many great nonprofits work their magic largely behind the scenes. Farmers markets offer an excellent example of nonprofit enterprises at work, and the state of Washington has two of the best in the business: the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance, and Washington State Farmers Market Association. Both of these PIMG clients are efficient, effective, and striving for bigger things in the future.

In partnership with the Nonprofit Association of Oregon, PIMG completed a pilot study of the new Success Factor Analysis methodology for assessing nonprofit organizations. Participating nonprofits found the process valuable in crafting strategies for improvement. Further, the data collected in the project sheds new light on which practices are and are not associated with organizational success.

New analysis by Public Interest Management Group offers insights—and a few surprises—on what nonprofits really need to succeed.  Based on data from over forty nonprofits, this study explores 28 organizational facets correlated to overall success, including organizational strategy, culture, operations and overall business model.   

AuthorScott Schaffer