Many nonprofits struggle to break even, or face strict capacity limitations. The root of these problems is usually the soundness and health of the organization's business model.  The business model is a key to ensuring high performance in achieving mission and financial goals. Public Interest Management Group has released a new white paper that demystifies the business model and its key role in organizational strategy.

Conventional strategic planning in the nonprofit sector is often ineffective. PIMG's Data-Driven Strategic Planning approach aims to remedy this gap. Rather than focusing primarily on alignment of people within the organization, it’s principally about identifying a strategy that will focus the organization on successful performance. Informed by hard financial and market data, nonprofits are empowered to move confidently toward ambitious, attainable goals.

PIMG client Washington Water Trust is an organization that uses creative approaches to preserve streamflow, restore habitat and fight back against drought conditions. The nonprofit's leadership has recognized a need to grow to meet needs that are expected to increase in the years and decades ahead. Public Interest Management Group worked with the Water Trust to develop a business plan for growth through the sizzling summer—a backdrop that could not have been more dramatic. 

There’s a myth in our culture that more information is better.  More can be better, but only to a point.  If you know nothing, you’re usually at a disadvantage.  But if you are overloaded with information, you may be worse off than knowing nothing. You don’t need more information, you need the right information. 

New workshops explore the economics of nonprofit organizations and several practical techniques for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of business models. Nonprofit business models are more complex than those of for-profits. In our sector the formula can be multi-faceted, with some services subsidizing others by design. Nonprofits need to be intentional and shrewd about how the model is assembled.

AuthorScott Schaffer

Starting and growing an organization is no simple matter. Learn how Public Interest Management Group helped Harold Pearson, founder of Student Program for Athletic and Academic Transitioning, use financial modeling as part of a strategic planning process. Thanks to financial modeling, Pearson could chart a successful and sustainable course for his new organization dedicated to enhancing high school graduation rates for student athletes and preparing Oakland youth for college.