Conventional strategic planning in the nonprofit sector is often ineffective. PIMG's Data-Driven Strategic Planning approach aims to remedy this gap. Rather than focusing primarily on alignment of people within the organization, it’s principally about identifying a strategy that will focus the organization on successful performance. Informed by hard financial and market data, nonprofits are empowered to move confidently toward ambitious, attainable goals.

Nonprofit leaders are bombarded with information throughout each day.  Some of it is important, some is interesting, and a lot is neither.  Information is only as good as what we get from it.  Unfortunately, a lot of what we get is noise.  The problem is that the more background noise, the harder it is to hear the important idea or the cry for help. The key is to identify three-dimensional metrics that help tell us the real story about the organization and where you’re headed. 

AuthorScott Schaffer