In partnership with the Nonprofit Association of Oregon, PIMG completed a pilot study of the new Success Factor Analysis methodology for assessing nonprofit organizations. Participating nonprofits found the process valuable in crafting strategies for improvement. Further, the data collected in the project sheds new light on which practices are and are not associated with organizational success.

Working together may generally be effective for nonprofits, but it's not  the best approach in all cases. Collaboration and partnership are means to ends, not ends in themselves. The generalization is just a starting point, and key is to do some critical thinking, and be sure any partnership is set up for success.

In an effort to help Public Interest Management Group clients understand what actions can most productively move their organizations forward, we sought an objective basis to determine needs and the importance of different practices in promoting the success of a nonprofit. The result is a fresh approach to organizational assessment. We detail our methodology in a just-released paper, Success Factors for Nonprofit Organizations.

AuthorScott Schaffer