Public Interest Management Group is conducting a pilot project to test three new services. Our motivation is to find creative ways to impact more nonprofits on a strategic level, at affordable price points. We’re conducting the pilot in the Seattle area in the fall of 2019.

Photo by Chris Leipelt via Unsplash

Photo by Chris Leipelt via Unsplash


We’ve designed TA services that get right to the essentials, take advantage of economies of scale and project management efficiencies. While each engagement in the pilot will be customized for participating organizations, the process and schedules will be aligned across multiple participants. With tighter management on our end, we can bring the fees down quite a bit: the consulting fee is $1,250, well below typical TA project fees. Our range of offerings plays to our strengths: financial health, merger and other strategic partnerships, and operational efficiency.

With that background, here’s more detail on the services offered in the pilot:

A. Strategic Finance Training and Assessment for Boards

Nonprofit boards have a fiduciary duty to steward the organization, and establishing organizational strategy has huge financial implications. But finance is among the most complex subjects to master. This combination of training and consulting will empower your board to fulfill its oversight duties, monitor fiscal health and address the big picture financial issues affecting your organization.

We’ll deliver customized training to your board, using your organization’s financial data and experience. The program will be practical, hands-on and discussion-oriented. We’ll identify the organization’s major financial challenges and risks. The program includes a follow-up consulting session with the CEO.

B. Merger Exploration

Many nonprofit leaders agree that merger has the potential to increase their organization’s impact and financial sustainability, but there are obstacles. A major bottleneck is at the beginning: Where to start? How do we identify the right prospective partners, and how can we raise the topic with confidence? This facilitated process helps organizations begin exploring merger in a systematic way that can quickly provide answers and may unveil new opportunities.

Using a facilitated process developed over two decades’ experience with mergers and strategic partnerships, we’ll guide your leadership team through steps that will clarify your objectives and requirements from a viable merger, confidentially identify and evaluate potential partners, and prepare outreach steps to explore options.

C. Human Resource Management Review

Managing people is nearly every CEO’s biggest challenge. Common HR challenges include motivating and retaining staff, maintaining competitive compensation and benefits, resolving conflicts and building alignment. Success in addressing these challenges can impact the organization’s impact, financial health and reputation. This process will clarify your organization’s strategic HR issues and their impact on productivity and performance, as well as identify paths toward solutions.

Drawing on deep experience in HR management and organizational assessment, we’ll confidentially engage the CEO, senior managers and the full staff to evaluate the organization’s HR landscape. This will provide insight on a variety of issues and inform strategies that management can undertake.

How to Sign Up?

There are two project cycles, September 15 to November 15, and October 15 to December 15, 2019.

To participate, you need only identify the service most relevant to your organization’s needs, and contact us for a discussion. From there, we’ll take the lead.

To inquire further and register, please contact Sharon Howe.