If you read by blog from time to time, you know that Public Interest Management Group promotes partnership as a powerful strategy for nonprofits. We also practice what we preach.

The “Group” part of PIMG is a network of associate consultants. We work with skilled professionals with varying specialties to put together high-impact project teams. This helps us deliver great value to our consulting clients. Since we have a low overhead model, we’re able to do this at a very reasonable cost. In a sense, PIMG is a hybrid of an individual practice and a firm, with the benefits of both.

PIMG’s core skills lie in the areas of Strategic and Business Planning, Financial Analysis and  Merger/Restructuring. But every client project is different, and our flexible approach to teams builds on this base.

Consider the talent in our network:

Mary Stelletello is a past CEO of multiple nonprofits, a certified executive coach and experienced organizational development consultant, with specialization in mergers.

Jan Glick is a long-time consultant who literally wrote the book on Nonprofit Turnarounds. He has deep experience working with a wide range of organizations.

Mona Jones-Romansic is a master facilitator who has ample experience working with environmental organizations on planning and assessment. And she’s an expert writer and editor to boot.

Deborah Edward is a former professor at the University of Texas’ LBJ school, and founding director of GreenLights for Nonprofit Success (now Mission Capital), an innovative and widely respected management service organization.

David Schor is a CPA and MSW, past nonprofit CFO, and runs a thriving accounting and financial management practice serving Puget Sound area nonprofits.

Jennifer Weber is a veteran fundraiser and consultant, with diverse experience spanning the gamut of nonprofits. Her specialties include major gift strategy, campaign planning, feasibility studies and board training.

We started with a theory that the network approach would deliver value. Over the past four years we’ve built a track record with these associates, which has helped to prove the concept.

Mary is enthusiastic about this approach: “Through pooling expertise, the client gains diverse perspectives and this enhances overall results and impact.” We’re currently working together on a complex three-way merger and look forward to more similar projects.

Deborah Edward played a key role in PIMG’s strategy development project with National Immigration Law Center last year. She observed that, “Each person brings a different lens, different experiences to the engagement. So, the resulting analysis of the dynamics of the situation is more complete… Working with a partner means you can extend your skill set – and learn something new to take to your next engagement!”

Each of these specialists has a thriving practice of their own and PIMG often supports their projects; the relationship works both ways. If you add our clients into the equation, that’s a win-win-win.

Warm thanks to our partners for making this endeavor a great success!

AuthorScott Schaffer