In our recent e-newsletter, we included a Blue State Survey, to help distract from the pain. Many people entered their responses. Here are the answers:

1. Which state went blue by the largest percentage margin?

> Hawaii

2. Excluding California and New York, which state produced the most HRC votes?

> Illinois

3. Which of the following two states consists of nothing but blue counties? (Check two selections.)

> Massachusetts and Hawaii

4. Which largely rural state is entirely blue, save for one county?

> Vermont

5. Which of the following counties are blue “oases” (bordered on all sides by red counties) within their states?

> All of the above. (Franklin, OH; Mecklenberg, NC; Allegheny, PA; Travis, TX; Hillsborough. FL)

6. Which of the following two states consist of nothing but red counties? (Check two selections.)

> Oklahoma and West Virginia. (Note that Alaska appeared all red in some post-election county maps - that's because Alaska is one of 2 states that does not have counties. Here's a map of Alaska results by borough.)

7. Which of the following routes can you fly, in a straight line, without ever passing through blue county airspace?

> All of the above. (We listed five very long paths in different directions and regions.)

8. What is the longest route you can fly, in a straight line, without ever passing through red airspace?

> Ok, this was a tricky (though not a trick) question. The correct answer is Bar Harbor to San Diego, flying east, unless you count Russian airspace as red (a suggestion that takes on double meaning this year)! If you do, then the correct answer is Bar Harbor to Miami, over the ocean. We gave credit for both answers. BTW, If you insist on flying over land, then the answer is Eureka to Oxnard, though that restriction wasn't in the question.

9. Which blue state's northernmost point is farthest north?

> Minnesota. (Surprisingly, most respondents chose Maine.)

10. Which of the following blue states was once an independent country? (Check all that apply.)

> Hawaii and Vermont. (No one got this right, and in fact no one selected Vermont, which was independent between 1777 and 1791. Many chose Hawaii. A bunch chose New Mexico and/or, California, which are both incorrect.  NM was just a part of Mexico, not a country in itself, and no country recognized the rogue Calif. county that declared itself independent. Neat flag, though. We gave partial credit for answers that included Hawaii.)

Winning entry will be announced next newsletter.

That's all until 2020. Let's hope for more choices in the multiple choice questions then...

AuthorScott Schaffer