Food Lifeline is Washington State’s largest hunger relief nonprofit, and a leader in antipoverty strategies in the Pacific Northwest. The organization operates on several levels to fight hunger and malnutrition, including the distribution of about 40 million pounds of high quality food through 275 community-based organizations from Bellingham to Seattle to Vancouver.

Part of the Feeding America network, the organization operates a highly efficient system, linking food donors with people in need, reducing the burdens on government, and supporting families in immeasurable ways. Ingenuity is in Food Lifeline's blood--in addition to about 70 staff, it taps the resources of hundreds of volunteers to make it all work.

Poverty, and all the problems that come along with it, have been aggravated by economic turmoil and rising costs of housing, among other factors. Food Lifeline is responding with a bold initiative to create a new Hunger Solution Center, which will expand capacity and serve as a hub of synergistic nonprofit activity.

Public Interest Management Group has supported this effort by helping Food Lifeline secure a site that will meet its long-term operational goals, and develop partnerships with organizations that can complement the organization's operations.


The new site, which is just south of Seattle, is projected to open in mid-2015. Anna Constant, Food Lifeline’s Director of Operations, is excited about the facility and the larger concept of the Hunger Solution Center.

For the last few years Food Lifeline has been growing ever closer to bursting at the seams in our current facilities. As we get closer to making the new site our home, the potential for us to supply the emergency food system with millions of additional meals becomes possible.
— Anna Constant, Director of Operation, Food Lifeline

Food Lifeline is actively seeking nonprofit partners to co-locate at the new facility. Interested organizations may contact us to begin a dialogue.

AuthorScott Schaffer