About Public Interest Management Group

Public Interest Management Group is a social enterprise that delivers strategic consulting services to mission-focused organizations actively working to promote public health, improve the environment and develop strong communities.

Our theory of change starts with a premise: social and environmental progress requires a vibrant nonprofit ecosystem, consisting of organizations that: align with emerging needs; adopt sound business strategies; utilize best financial and operations management practices; leverage networks and economies of scale, and readily adapt to change. By achieving these standards, nonprofits can transform their communities and the planet.

Our role is to help like-minded clients attain and sustain high performance. We employ road-tested methods that identify sound business models and set up our clients for long-term impact and financial health.

Scott Schaffer founded Public Interest Management Group in 2007, building on his experience leading financial turnarounds, forging successful mergers and alliances, and re-engineering of a wide range of organizations. See his bio here.

We’re pleased to announce that our Canadian affiliate, PIM Consulting Canada Ltd, started operations in 2019.


PIMG taps into a network of established professional associates, including eight past nonprofit CEOs, CFOs and development directors:

We also have relationships with specialized firms that can fill project needs.


Public Interest Management Group has helped over 100 nonprofit and governmental clients change the world and prosper. See more here.

To discuss our consulting services or team approach, contact us.


Our merger planning and implementation processes went extraordinarily smoothly. Board and senior staff of both organizations appreciated PIMG’s knowledge, attention to detail, responsiveness and integrity.
— Sarah L, CEO, Bellwether Housing