Public Interest Management Group offers professional training workshops on strategic management to nonprofit executives and board leaders. Topics include:

The Nonprofit Business Model Makeover:
Building a Sustainable Organization in a Competitive World

In this workshop, nonprofit leaders will delve deeply into the concept of nonprofit business models, learn to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their own business model, and explore strategies for building an organization that is highly effective and financially sustainable. The format is interactive and based on case studies, with group exercises and discussion. Attendees will leave with tools to assess their organization's needs and a clear understanding of how to pinpoint strategic alternatives. 


Operational Infrastructure for High-Performance Nonprofits

A high-performance organization is programmatically effective, operationally efficient, financially healthy and adaptive to change. Nonprofits that attain this status have solid operational capacity, which in turn depends on infrastructure. This interactive workshop draws on emerging research to demystify the concept of infrastructure, and provides tangible context for leaders to make essential organizational changes and improvements. By examining anonprofit in transition, participants will gain clarity around the relationships of key infrastructure elements to improved management and bottom-line performance.

Strategic Partnerships for Nonprofits: Fresh Approaches to Building Scale, Impact and Sustainability

In this workshop, nonprofit leaders will learn about a range of options to restructure organizations, with goals of having a greater mission impact and financial sustainability. Organizations can consider a diverse range of organizational partnership models. Merger is just one of several alternatives, and we’ll examine the benefits and pitfalls of each, along with analytic methods for assessing them. The group will engage in hands-on group exercises and discussion. Participants will be better equipped to answer several big questions: Should we consider restructuring? What are our options and how can we evaluate them? What process can we adopt?

Finance Essentials for Nonprofit Leaders

Balance sheets, operating statements, cash flow projections, restricted grants, capital budgets. It can all seem like a sea of jargon-laced technicality. But it doesn't need to be, and nonprofit leaders--Board and staff--need a basic command to do their jobs well. Bid farewell to intimidation! This training empowers non-financial professionals to confidently master 5 essential aspects of nonprofit finance:

  • Interpretation of financial statements
  • Budget oversight
  • Key financial indicators
  • "Fluff" you can ignore
  • Critical fiscal decisions.

We offer this interactive workshop to boards and employee groups. It includes a group "deep dive" into your agency's finances.


The [business model] workshop provided unique insights into the way organizations work… it’s the best nonprofit workshop I’ve attended.
— Elizabeth H, Director, The Nonprofit Center